ICT4ED: A solution in search of a problem? (part 4: many a slip ‘tween cup and lip)

Back when I was a High School Vice Principal I was a technology evangelist. I was definitely an early adopter – I saw right away the powerful ways technology could impact my work. I devised technology-aided systems that would revolutionize how we did school – only to be frustrated, disappointed and befuddled that my staff reluctantly if at all made efforts to implement what I proposed. “Can’t they see how it helps their teaching and the students’ learning? Can’t they see how it streamlines their work processes? Can’t they see how it helps track problems so that persistent issues can be handled more quickly and directly? Can’t they see HOW GOOD this stuff is???” I was continuously exhausted by the amount of training and scaffolding we needed to build and implement just to get the programmes started. Nor did it end there. I didn’t predict the continual training and retraining necessary to ensure some degree of implementation. More often than not my good intentions led to half-baked interventions. And we all know where good intentions lead.

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